Saturday, January 30, 2010

ten commandeeeements? (very short story from one of the pages of my life's book.)

It was only about five years ago, when I attended mass during holy week with my cousin Calin, she was so young and petite that I liked pressing against her cheeks and she'd giggle, upon leaving the church, (at that time she was still learning to read) we passed by two tall stone tablets, a replica of the ten commandments. She slowly read the engravings and said, te'en co-o-man-de-me-ents..............

instead of asking me and her mother what they meant, she surprised us by asking, "kuya, pinagpipilian ba yan?" (cousin, are those of multiple choice?) I looked at her with both eyes gaping wide open in an instant, so was her mother's eyes, after a second or two ,we (me and her mother) burst out with laughter in a very amused state.

pressing against the hair on her head her mom stooped down and said "no, sugar, those are like chores that lord left for us to follow.", she stopped for a few seconds as she searched her young mind for a follow up."why are there many? teacher gives multiple choice or asks if we want to help, why do we have to follow all ,is that tiring ?".

Amused by her precious young mind,we kept giggling and her mother said, "those are more do's than do not's." she looked with a simple look of puzzlement, "how many?" teary eyed with laughter,finally, her mother said, "As you go on you'll understand, but not right now, it may only confuse you, even if it isn't there, the lord left two more, your neighbor like yourself, 2. love God above all." "neighbor? left? where?" my cousin inquired in a low tone, "just be good sugar, I'll read the bible stories for kids to you tonight OK."

unsatisfied, my cousin kept on asking until her mother gave in after all the many follow up questions ,there were so many,even I can't remember!she finally got tired of asking and agreed to just eat ice cream, her mother and I exchanged glances of amusement as we walked towards their place, a few years later (these days.), my cousin still enjoys reading bible verses and looking for clarification as well as the meaning of life.

one lesson i learned was that, "good interest should be planted and nurtured, given time and not thrown away, a little push goes a long way when it counts. :)


  1. I am amused with the children. They seem to really be smart. They've got questions that seem too hard to answer.

  2. Ehem,. Aj, a push not a shove, right? But during emergencies, then definitely a like the story. Let's submit it to the writing contest. Do you agree?

  3. ok jena, at this point i take everything you say as good advice, myunrevealedthoughts, i'm happy to see you, agreed, innocence is one tough cookie to battle. :)