Thursday, January 21, 2010

red hot tears. 10 min blog.

Its been well over a decade and a half since the pyroclastic flows and lahar rushed down the slopes of mount pinatubo in Botolan, Zambales Philippines and ravaged everything in its path ways as it impregnated all nine rivers that originated from the Zambales mountain range with over 20 feet of scorching mud burying all the nearby towns and destroying many bridges and millions worth of agricultural profit literally turned to dust.Mother nature didn't stop there as the wind from typhoon Yunya propelled the ash fall further on the already grieving land.
the Philippine aborigines known as the "Aetas" were forced to come down from their mountain homes and live the life of refugees in the resettlement areas, astonishingly, they allowed themselves to be civilized and lived peacefully with the other families even though many of them were still mourning their losses.
on the 8th of June 1991, the volcano gave it's warning shot when some of its vents released smoke, vulcanologist situated at Sitio Moraza in Poonbato Zambales took video footage and photos shortly before it's first major eruption on the 12th of June 1991. Although the volcano was roughly only 2km in height it released ash clouds reaching heights of over 20,000 meters with poisonous sulfur gas, it's a sad coincidence that it's first major eruption happened on Philippine independence day,( perhaps the the mountain wanted to free its insides)
the mountain was relentless as it continued releasing it's judgment on the inhabitants nearby, according to aeta belief, the volcano's eruption was caused by the anger of Apo Mallari, the god who slept in the deepest regions of the mountain who was apparently angered by the wrong ways of man, perhaps they were pertaining to the flesh markets that went out of business during the volcano's wrath, soldiers at Clark air base were forced to move and president Corazon "Cory" Aquino was facing one of the greatest trials at the near end of her term.
Ohter countries promised to help and even if that was a long time ago, we can still see its effects on the lives of all involved, cars that were destroyed by the eruption were auctioned and farm animals had to be sold at cheap prices, the Aetas could no longer go back to the barren land they once called "Home" and the farmers however found a way to turn their frowns upside down when they made products like hollow blocks used for construction to compensate for their loss of agricultural material, through all that misery, Filipinos continually display the trait worth admiring-Smiling through pain.

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