Tuesday, January 26, 2010

"EJ's journey"

The person pictured on my profile is my beloved cousin EJ, we do not come from wealthy families and I feel very touched whenever I see him together with his father.

It was a few years ago when I overheard his guardian say "sorry if i can't give you all your wants, but i have to put your needs first, study hard and you'll get what you want when you are strong enough to stand without me."

It always pleases me to feel the heart warming connection between him and his father every time i see them together, I feel another page in my life's book being filled, genuinely.

I accompanied them once to the town fair and EJ was looking at the playthings on display, I could read what was on his mind but even I couldn't afford those things he craved.

The look on his sad face made me feel sorry for every Christmas I didn't give him a present, that day was on Christmas itself, I couldn't do anything but watch as he looked on, he gazed at the buyers in an almost mesmerized state.

His father took photos of him and I left shortly to buy some food, while on the way to the food stalls I kept thinking about the moments that children go through during their childhood and I looked back at mine, I couldn't remember much about mine but I was watching my cousin's childhood flashing before my eyes.

I imagined how the early stages of his life would affect his mentality when he grows older, I couldn't do anything so I decided to take EJ with me to one of the rides while his father went to the rest of our companions "how much money do you have?" I asked my cousin in a low tone, he opened his small palm to show me a few bills which he saved from the entire year, his allowance barely gave him anything to work with or save, I didn't want him to spend a year's savings on something lasting only a few moments so I decided to pay for his ride and just watch on.

I realized I had many chances to do so when I was a child and that old cliche' about not crying over spilled milk fit my want to give up a good ride perfectly, I kept in mind that at my age, i had no more need to to enjoy those things.

My way of making myself happier that night was if i made my cousin happy, fortunately, his father came to where we stood and payed for all three of us, that way i didn't have to sacrifice anything,with my good intention in mind.

I decided never to hesitate whenever I had good intentions, as for the action figures my cousin wanted, I decided to get him a chess set instead. but I always did say "my intentions do not waste away, you just have to wait a little bit longer." whenever i tell my cousin that, he never seems to let me down, cause his smile is just as sweet as when I first told him that. :)


  1. Hey, AJ,

    Put some spaces between your text. They appear as one block which is not very attractive.

    But your posts are great, seems like I'm reading an online Journal. You talk like a mature person when you're still very young.

  2. thank you, I'll put the spaces now ok! :)