Tuesday, January 26, 2010

from thought to friendship. ( a personal view.)

It doesn't really count how good or bad a person is, he/she will always have sides many may not know about. which is why I personally refrain from judging at first sight, I enjoy being a deep judge of character, In other words, I never call a person anything bad until proven. I never did believe in gossip. :)

But I always did admit that I've been bad at differentiating ugly from beautiful.
I hope my understanding of the human psyche will be more than enough to compensate for my lack of aesthetics.

Each time I see presidential candidates on the news, I never really know what to think of them, but since I am a human I can never really control my personal biases after I've seen them more than several times on television.

When it comes to candidates, I never really give much positive feedback because people are "usually as fake" as possible when they are on T.V and are even less transparent when they're running for a seat.

It usually takes a guy like me well over half a year before I can say a person is my friend, fortunately there are exceptions, last year, I succeeded in making a friend in less than 45% of the time it usually takes.Unless I can honestly tell myself that I know the person has been sincerely good to me from the get go. It's relatively harder to know how long they'll keep being good, one thing I do know about my most recent friends is that they are never the first to turn their backs on me unlike those who try hard to intimidate at first meet.People who approach me with intimidation usually find out how much it hurts when the "victim" bites back.

I've had lots of quarrels in the past and I can't recall ever biting the dust or starting it,I find the sight of my bleeding foes enjoyable, luckily I make lots of good resolutions during new year, but I do have one friend in particular who enjoys making enemies and loves the sight of people with aching and battered bodies after a brawl he started, how I became so close a friend to him, remains buried in the past.

Every time i am asked to give my opinion about someone, I usually say so when i have nothing to say, pretending to know is a futile attempt to please others when it only aggravates the situation.sometimes, i keep trying to be good or close without being friends, there was a time that lasted for more than four years with multiple people, not a single one of them ever became a real friend of mine. Last year, I found out that Angeles city deserved it's title as "city of friendship"
I made real friends there and one thing I do enjoy about making a real friend is the fact that I make one for life.:)


  1. Hello Ajchtar,

    Are you talking about me??he he he....It's good now you have the spaces to your paragraphs...go over the last portion of this post...lol....

    It's always hard to trust people to become friends. But it's good that you suspend judgment before you're able to know the real person. Sometimes, experiences of people vary. So you have to make your own judgment, I know you're that kind of person. Nice to have come to know you personally. Keep going, you've got it written in the stars...lol..if you know what I mean. The future has a lot in store for you.

  2. HeeHheeHEheeheEhaAaaHahhAaaaa! lol! i just love having you around jena! :) you can't imagine how happy i am with the friends i made! :)

  3. Good for you, keep going. Nice having you around too, the "work" dissipates into fun...lol...

  4. People who approach me with intimidation usually find out how much it hurts when the "victim" bites back."

    Like that. You've got spunk. And it's important for people to know right away what's acceptable behavior as far as you're concerned.

    It takes me a while to really warm up to another person. How about that. Proclamation of friendship without it being tested by adversities and time is a sure recipe for disappointment.

    But you write well. And you make sense. I bet you'd not be lacking for online friends in no time at all.

  5. I haven't been reading my emails, good thing I had time to find a free wifi resto here on the island.

    Looking forward to more posts.


  6. Hello Aj,

    I've posted your link at Facebook. Go, have a look, lol...You're gaining popularity..young man.


    Good luck.


  7. Copy paste the link into your URL. thanks.

  8. oh you have no idea of how happy i am to see you all of you! :) thanxs jena! I'll see! oh and as for the short story, I'm posting one shortly. hope i do not disappoint anyone. :)

  9. You can visit their sites too Aj. You could learn from these masters.

  10. you're very right! I posted another short story, from my early early years. I'll try tomorrow jena, I'm having browser probs right now, the connection service guys may need to come here,but I'm not sure i can give up butchering..............lol!:)