Friday, January 22, 2010

what's fair?

whenever i hear the words "justice", "fair" and "equality" the first thing that would come to my mind was everybody leaving satisfied, but that view changed, each time i hear those words i now see their exact opposites, elections are drawing close and the politicians are blowing their horns in public like they have been doing for the past three decades with little improvement, it's tiring to have to hear the long list of promises they intend to break and they get seats by any way possible, it may not be known to other countries but more than 50 people have died in a mass murder committed here in the Philippines last year, that includes journalists and women, it's horrifying to run against people of strong but painful will.
Each time i walk along the city streets i see children being shoved away by passers by and the first few questions that enter my mind are, "where's the justice and help the government promised?"" why do they keep spending on profit projects when the people they should be putting first are dying of hunger?"
it's pathetic how they say "lack of funds are to blame for poverty" or "overpopulation" when both do not exist, Its a popular practice for politicians to spend on all sorts of road and waste projects while they flagrantly turn their eyes away from those who need it more, it takes thousands even millions up to billions of Filipino pesos to have express ways built, and the reason they have express ways built is because they claim driver's lives have to be preserved, to a common listener, this may seem good, but to a caring individual it would be pointless, how many driver's do we lose each year with or without improved roads? have they ever thought of the hundreds even thousands that die of hunger every year? it's a world of political profit where the few generous are cast away or heavily criticized by the ignorant.
unfortunately due to poverty, some voters will vote for whoever offers the most money or bribe, cheating is a familiar face to any election and many voters interpret the old cliche "vote wisely" as "vote for the richest leech." or something similar but the real problem is that we really do not have a choice, no matter who is voted, it all stays the same, even if the president voted is a good one, it wouldn't matter if the people under her are the same bloodsucking faces of before, its a shame the mother of Filipino democracy passed away last year without ever trying to run for the highest seat when she was healthier and alive, then again, how much difference could one person make?-A lot! If many are willing to follow.

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