Friday, January 22, 2010

dreaming aloud.

If you have a good dream and you know others may not appreciate it, do not be in a hurry to tell them, the best time to do so is when you've done it, it always hurts more when a person is said to have shattered dreams, sometimes, not fulfilling a a dream you've kept to yourself, keeps critics from speaking harshly because they would never know you had the dream in the first place,I'm not saying you shouldn't tell them before you've reached it, I'm merely advising you to declare so at the right time.
Its a good idea to be open to criticism, you'd know if you're critic is speaking for a good cause or just being plain insulting, if the latter is being done then you can always prove them wrong by fulfilling your dream, the sweetest laugh is the last one, failure should never be anticipated, lacking the courage to begin only pulls you down deeper, a little encouragement is usually needed, when asking for advice, ask people who you think can give the best and least hurtful advice, if you seek advice from friends you won't feel as bad as you would when faced with a bad critic, always pick the right dream for you and if you are going to make any realizations, try doing it as early as possible, although regret comes last, the payoff for a broken dream is always sweeter when you know you've tried, your feel only gets better each time you get up from a drubbing, staying committed is the most important part of any dream, never lose your love for what you want or it because nothing more than a spiteful memory.when receiving good criticism or success, keep humble, the people that see you climb the ladder of success will be the same who'll catch you in case you slip. make as many friends as possible, make may but choose only the good ones.


  1. You're mature beyond your age Ajchtar. How true, but do not be afraid to share your dreams with your true friends. They could support you in the process. Keep going and reach for your dreams.

  2. I am very happy to have you around jena, thnxs for the good advice! :)