Tuesday, February 23, 2010


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Prose / Memoir

Ajchtar – “Tales & Diary of MoccureedThe ravings of a 17 yr old., aspiring to become a writer.

Roy – “She will be 80 next monthA request for prayer.

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Thursday, February 4, 2010

"house made" over fastfood.

One thing that is very true about me is that I never eat fast food, I never did like half cooked or not well cooked meat. I do not know what is in french fries that make me upset, for one thing, they have nothing to do with being french. an old story i heard about how potato chips were made involved the chef being frustrated about his complaining customer and invented the chips as a prank. I do not know how much of the story is true.

I love eating "house"made, especially if I'm responsible for butchering the animal! (weeeeeeeeeeee! :D) I love cooking food, but you can never erase the critics from the face of the earth, luckily, the people who criticize my cooking just eat and nod in agreement.

I'm not a good cook, but I think I'm doing well with the food I cook. So far, I haven't displeased anyone badly. Food must be cooked and served with love1 not hurried! It loses it's taste, food is very delicate, unless you're cooking barbecue.

People should at least know how to fry an egg, it is easier than cooking fish and harder than drinking without throat diseases. I wouldn't try sashimi or puffer fish for any amount! money is useless to me when I'm dead! for good info on raw food probs, visit Jena isle's random thoughts ok! it is there!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

brother war.

I'm not his brother by blood but I always refer to him as my sibling, each time I walk with my brother, lots of people on the streets would either look at confusedly or turn away in painful regret of having looked at such an awful sight!- us, but that was back then, these days I'm other a heinous experiment gone worse or a hideous person, our elementary teacher once told us that we shouldn't be neighbors (seat mates.), as for bad feedback,we do not often get such comments but it really makes us laugh when we do, one way of taking an insult is laughing at it.I love how my brother is able to make things interesting when he's in the mood, but absolutely dislike it when he looks at things so loathsomely and without empathy,like a rock with eyes, A massive and scary boulder- that's how others would see him, I see differently, i see a disaster waiting to happen when i see my brother,he gives generously but sometimes he's just as cheap as me, if you're as cheap as me, you'd be in jail for tax evasion in no time flat! I recall how both of us always crave sleep and rest even when we've just woken up, it is said to be sloth, but who can blame people who get four hours of sleep max?

between us, I'm the one who's supposed to have a vesuvian temper but when around him, my volcanic wrath seems like a small firecracker, causing a lot of noise but hardly any damage, when brother goes wild, the birds flee with fright, well, not the airborne birds, I meant, the cowardly bystanders.

They say friendship is strengthened by conflicts and misunderstanding being mended, if the paradox "the more you hate, the more you love.' is right, then brother must love me-to death! At this point, nothing a bully can throw at me is capable of intimidating me the slightest bit! when brother has held a sharp nail against your throat, even a professional criminal can't surprise you! By that I mean we've had so many fights I can't recall how many I've won or lost, or how many injuries I've taken, I'm sometimes asked why I even come with him, sometimes they ask him the same thing, if twin minds think alike, we'd be twins, we usually give the same answer, it may seem rude but everyone we say it to ,doesn't really mind the reply ,"it's our business, we do not mind yours and what's it to you?", but in reality, we only gave that answer a few couple of times, luckily, we now say differently, every time I got into trouble with someone else, he'd be there to back me up, imagine two fat people standing up against a band of five or more, after all, he did study the martial art of "psycho!"

I never recalled anybody being able to hurt me with words as much as he does ,or hurt me physically as much, I can't recall anyone who does the same to him, all the times we smacked each other with lethal weapons made me recall how much we enjoyed laughing about it afterward and then we'd have the same question in mind and he usually asks first, "wha....wha? was it we was fightin, bout' again?" we'd laugh after his remark.

we have a different choice of music but we sometimes agree on the same kind, he listens to Bomb shells and I listen to volcanic eruptions, I can't recall a single moment spent with him that I've enjoyed without hating at the same time, or maybe I'm just forgetful, people have different ways of expressing anger and depression, around me, he just keeps silent and keep it in, if not, he'll intentionally get into a fist fight with me for the fun of taking his problems off his mind, when he loses, he enjoys it even more.

looking back at my old ways, i sometimes reflect and ask myself how we lasted like that for so long? my brother goes to the gym and works out, my only work out is carrying things in the farm, I deeply regret going to the city for my high school years, reflecting on all the years i had to stand up on my own made me feel comfort knowing how much I've picked up, looking at it from a different point of view, I can see how clearly psychotic we seemed, my brother may not share my blood but to me he'll always be my brother. "War is my brother and I Am un-Accomplished good deeds man-made tragedies. '

(no! this is not reality!! I am not a demented and sadizztic socio-psycopath, although maybe occasionally, that's not the point! point is - a real friend sticks to you till the last breath. War is usually the result of vanity and misunderstanding as well as pride, wrath and greedy envy, the above text is mixed with figurative speech. :)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Blogging for about 2 weeks now.

so far,I am happy to see all the supportive people of this site,It is a great privilege for me to enter the blogosphere through the incentive of such a good writer -Jena Isle, instead of just posting at facebook.com where my friends are very limited, I'm happy to be in a site full of good writers and very supportive ones, I've realized that innovation mainly comes from support if not strife due to heavy criticism,in this case, I'm glad that I was given the great opportunity of entering supportive grounds full of adept writers, I sometimes if not most of the time feel unworthy to be here and hope I do not disappoint anyone,in my earliest days here I felt it would take months if not years before someone felt like commenting on my posts,I am really thankful to be in a peaceful environment of genuine interest and attentive readers, I am happy to even have followers in a time spanning less than two weeks,I started on the 21st of January and am pleased to have met Holly,jan, and doc zorlone as especially my blog mentor-jena.
I hope I do not disappoint anyone any time soon,forgive my shallow mind it needs more deepening or digging.:)

sweet innocence.

I recall the times when as a child, I thought nothing of taking a good bath in the rain and feeling the cool refreshing feel of water from heaven, or at least I thought the sky was heaven and that supernatural beings slept on clouds like any other young kid would.
I used to openly say, "ma! kaluguran da ka!" (mom, i love you!), now that I am older by at least half a decade I wonder where all those sweet thoughts went.

I am not a good looking person and I openly admit to having a face not even a mother could love! (lol!!....see what I mean by not being meant for stand up comedy? it's the truth! :) ) Sometimes people say their piece when it is far too late or when the one they love is about to meet their maker, its saddening to know how much time we spend with friends rather than our parents, it's not a bad thing to go with friends but that doesn't mean we should shove our parents away like used playthings that do not need attention. I'm not one to dictate on people, I myself have lot of personal animosity with others but with ignorant savages that do not know how to treat other people right.

Each day I think of how much I loved my childhood and why my childhood rapidly changed when my mother's parents left the world of mortals and returned to a peaceful place, (you will see it in my post, scheduled for posting on feb 5.) My mother was different from many parent i see that do not even share good moments with their parents once they have a family of their own, the time she spent with my Apo, (grandmother-mother of my mother.) while my apo was alive must have lessened the possible regret of not doing so while she was alive, during the funeral, she cried, not because of regret but because she would miss all the fun time, I feel envious when I recall my mother's lifelong good relationship to my Apo, I wish we shared the same. That however does not imply that we do not have a good relationship, the only thing that keeps me from seeing her is attending school! (lol!!...:) see, I really need a comedic teacher! lol! :) )

Parents work hard for the family and the only parent that doesn't love his/her family is a fiend, One thing i noticed is that the mother never leaves even if the father can keep his pride strong and go, the mother will never leave the child's side, well, at least that's what shows in the majority of my experiences. I was once taught that women were more emotionally stable than men, when my classmates disagreed with my teacher, she took out a big yellow clear book containing hundreds of articles and photos of men committing suicide.......talk about coming prepared!!

I never hesitate to spit something out when i have to...as I've often pointed out......I hate keeping things in, this trait of mine assures me that I won't die with regret of not saying something, crying is never my alternative neither is trying to escape,facing a problem gets it done!

( if however, my enemy dies without me saying something, I'll attend the funeral but party afterward!!.....lol!....:)......sorry, I was really never meant to crack jokes.)

I'll be posting through automatic settings because of my midterm examinations, so, it wouldn't be possible to reply any time soon ,Tc everyone!! :)

Monday, February 1, 2010

Let them sleep in church!

It is a wonderful blessing to be alive, to breathe air into the lungs, to see all the beauty of the world, to feel the wind run through your hair and walk on soft ground, every time i feel so good i always think of the unfortunate who lay on the streets without the same feeling I get.
I wish i could put some of my excess joy in a bottle or can and give it to them so they'd feel just how good I do on a nice cool morning.

I am a person that utterly enjoys traveling but every time I do travel, accidents usually find me, I get all sorts of injuries but each time I do, i look up and say, Oh, I'm alive....I'm alive? then I'd yell.......I'm alive!

last year was a year full of mishaps and accidents that I won't soon forget, each time I look back, I never forget to thank the one who pulls the strings of my life for still being here, i used to write so widely of death, I now see that those accidents may have been instruments of the divine puppeteer to send the message, "enough! all your talk about death is making the day gloomy!"

brightening up is never really easy for someone who constantly thinks of the less fortunate so I always give the less fortunate what I can, as long as it isn't cash. Looking at my torn clothes after a bad happening makes me more optimistic whenever I'd tell myself, I can always use these as a reminder to take care next time i go the same way, Life is full of opportunities, lacking in trust, if people trusted beggars more, they'd have work, i feel sorry for the old guy by seven eleven, he's so skinny and malnourished but he carries luggage for passengers coming down the bus for a few coins.

I intentionally eat a lot less than usual whenever i feel like feeling the beggars and their pain, I am thankful that I have not tasted hunger or anything straight out of the garbage can, I see so many kids taking their education for granted and many young girls getting pregnant, my sympathy is for their parents, not them directly, because i know how much a parent works to support the family and how hard it is to earn a living specially in an economy that always seem to be going downhill, If I've ever offended a beggar, I apologize for not straightening the moment.

They have every right to be cranky and hot-tempered, why not? they're the ones with brains getting fried each day on the streets, I sometimes wonder why churches have to be closed, It is for the children of the lord and the street people are the lord's children, thy should be allowed to sleep there, holy grounds or not. When it was said that the children should be let unto Christ, he meant the street people as well, it is not I who would be lacking in understanding when I say "let them sleep in church." but it is the parishioners sensitivity in thinking they would make the place filthy, we were taught to be considerate, so let us be so, OK! :)

I was never meant for stand up comedy.

when people ask me if I ever crack jokes,I always reply with a smile, one, then say, "if i ever do crack a good joke, it would be accidental."because I wouldn't know what to say in order to make people laugh, but when forced to answer I tell them " the only reason I'm not good at cracking jokes is because they(my cracks) aren't really good or bad jokes, besides, I wouldn't want to be in the morgue any time soon.

My way of joking is laughing while telling the hurtful truth which seems like insult to an injury for some and confusing, irritating if not psychotic to others or at least immoral. I try to be as least offensive as possible." afterward,I usually see my listener's face display a puzzled look or stare with an uneasy expression, some however tend to answer back with questions while a few catch my bad humor and laugh too, my bad humor is seldom ever displayed, I can always laugh with good humor but I won't ever attempt to tell a joke myself, the way I laugh usually gets me called things worse than bad humans, if you know what i mean, at first sight, people would probably look at me and say, "he's a fat guy with glasses, he's harmless." I wouldn't want them to hear me crack jokes, it may cause terrible things to happen to them if they pick on me.

I also claim never lying, in my defense, I have no need to lie, lying is a bad joke, one that usually only ends up in trouble, the hardest part of lying is never telling a lie, it is facing the consequences after having told a lie.

punishment or retribution and forgiveness, a few of the things people will get after lying if not a heavy conscience, one of the things that keep me from lying is my conscience, when they say, "the truth will set you free." they mean, it releases you from guilt. keep in mind that confessing to murder gets you a lifelong sentence. my point has always been, why tell a lie? It never really gets people any place far from danger or uneasiness, however, there are times when lies work out for some, in my case, I'll take my chances with telling the truth. :)

(announcement, due to the upcoming midterm examinations at our school, I won't be able to log in for four days, please bear with me OK! :) )