Thursday, January 21, 2010

chess bite.

why many people think chess is a boring and tiring mind game is a matter of perspective, people who want to learn simply need practice and people without enough enthusiasm to learn are usually the ones complaining, you do not need to play 24/7 to get better at playing, sometimes you need to watch more experienced players and take note of how they play then compare it with your own style of play,if you do not have a style of play, try developing one and if that doesn't work try being flexible, being flexible involves learning opening and endgame theory but what's really important is both your opening and middle game, never stray too far from what you know or what you're comfortable with unless you feel like it doesn't fit you or needs improvement.if you're in a hurry to pick up good tactics, you may want to spar with the computer programs and pick up some of their style, try watching chess games on the internet, using a chess book is time consuming, the same annotations are found when you watch games on the internet, nobody really gets extremely good as beginners but there are such things as chess prodigies or people who become good at young ages, not everybody learns that quickly, in fact, all that's needed to learn is a little motivation and enthusiasm but if you still do not enjoy then it only means the game isn't meant for you.

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