Friday, January 22, 2010

surviving pressure.

One thing all employees must hate is a nasty boss, it isn't easy to work when your boss is always breathing down your neck and never giving you breaks it's not a good thing to stay in a bad position unless you really have no other choice, my boss isn't bad at all, in fact he's my uncle (mother's side) I'm glad that he treats all his employees and apprentices as friends, in my case I am not a legal employee but that doesn't make him an illegal employer, after all, we are relatives, I do however, have a friend that works for a vile boss and everytime i see him, he's in a different mood from how I used to know him a few years back, he lost weight and I was a little worried because he seemed severely in need of rest, he's been working for the same crack for two years and I couldn't help but asked how he was surviving.
"I think I'm losing it." he says, I thought he meant going insane, turns out he meant he was losing all ill feelings towards his week day tormentor, he said "If you can laugh at it you can most definitely forget about it and treat it as nothing more than a joke gone bad."
I solemnly believed him until he left his job about a week after our conversation.
When I met him, even before I could say anything he said, "If i work there, I'll die too early, If I leave I might just live longer than you do." we laughed and I accompanied him upon looking for his next job.


  1. Really, you're working? Hey Ajchtar, you've got to respond to your commenters, it's one way of letting them know, you've read the comment.

    All the best with the blogging.

  2. Ajch,

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  3. I really appreciate all your comments and advice they are genuinely helpful! :)
    sry if i didn't respond earlier, it's because I have a lot of chores to accomplish, I like cooking! again, thnks!!:)