Monday, February 1, 2010

I was never meant for stand up comedy.

when people ask me if I ever crack jokes,I always reply with a smile, one, then say, "if i ever do crack a good joke, it would be accidental."because I wouldn't know what to say in order to make people laugh, but when forced to answer I tell them " the only reason I'm not good at cracking jokes is because they(my cracks) aren't really good or bad jokes, besides, I wouldn't want to be in the morgue any time soon.

My way of joking is laughing while telling the hurtful truth which seems like insult to an injury for some and confusing, irritating if not psychotic to others or at least immoral. I try to be as least offensive as possible." afterward,I usually see my listener's face display a puzzled look or stare with an uneasy expression, some however tend to answer back with questions while a few catch my bad humor and laugh too, my bad humor is seldom ever displayed, I can always laugh with good humor but I won't ever attempt to tell a joke myself, the way I laugh usually gets me called things worse than bad humans, if you know what i mean, at first sight, people would probably look at me and say, "he's a fat guy with glasses, he's harmless." I wouldn't want them to hear me crack jokes, it may cause terrible things to happen to them if they pick on me.

I also claim never lying, in my defense, I have no need to lie, lying is a bad joke, one that usually only ends up in trouble, the hardest part of lying is never telling a lie, it is facing the consequences after having told a lie.

punishment or retribution and forgiveness, a few of the things people will get after lying if not a heavy conscience, one of the things that keep me from lying is my conscience, when they say, "the truth will set you free." they mean, it releases you from guilt. keep in mind that confessing to murder gets you a lifelong sentence. my point has always been, why tell a lie? It never really gets people any place far from danger or uneasiness, however, there are times when lies work out for some, in my case, I'll take my chances with telling the truth. :)

(announcement, due to the upcoming midterm examinations at our school, I won't be able to log in for four days, please bear with me OK! :) )


  1. It's a good policy. Honesty is far simpler than confession.

    There is one time I think it's okay to tell a lie, and that is the "little white lie" that is told to avoid a hurtful truth (when the truth would not be constructive). For example, if I say to my husband, before we go out in the evening, "Does this dress make me look fat?" it might be safer to lie, but it would be kinder to say, "Honey, I think the blue dress is more flattering," if he thinks so.

    Once we are out on the town, however, and I cannot change clothes, it would be merely hurtful for him to say, "Y'know - that dress DOES make you look a little fat." Ouch. I can't FIX it - there's nothing, then, that I can do to make it better. But the truth is guaranteed to make me feel self-conscious for the rest of the evening.

    So a good rule of thumb is this: Can ANYTHING constructive be gained from the truth? Is the truth important (even if only to establishing or maintaining trust)? What might be the consequences of a lie? (Maybe I'll wear the dress more often now, and be embarrassed when someone DOES tell me the hurtful truth?)

    Would you tell someone their slip was showing or their fly was unzipped? I should HOPE so! They can always fix those things. Would you tell that person, "You're ugly and your nose is crooked"? What would be the point, even if it were the absolute truth?

  2. hello, holly! lol! I'm glad to see your very long and meaningful comment, i am a big fan of attentive readers!:) holly, i simply prefer not saying anything negative for as long as i can keep it in, but i usually say so when something upsets me or needs to be said, i love how people look at my frankness as a sign of being loyal and honest, i think lots of constructive things can be gained by telling the truth, lies are negatives and anything negative is usually destructive, then again I'm still learning and too shallow to understand. :) have a nice day anbd thnxs for the very fruitful comment.;)

  3. You're so young but so old in your wisdom. These are gems of thoughts. Are you sure you don't want to pursue service in His name? I would "listen" to you

  4. lol!! you make my day so sunny! even when it rains! :)
    I'm sometimes told that, thnxs a lot! very appreciated! :)