Friday, January 22, 2010

parent and child nausea.

Teenage years, the time when parent's are least understood and the children are most assertive.
kids who are in their teens usually feel controlled and need independence while the parent's know they're not ready until they're eighteen and strong enough to stand on both legs, sometimes if not most of the time, the good parents will keep watching from a distance while the least of the parent's will angrily stop caring, teenagers usually feel bad when they are not allowed to go out with friends without understanding that their parents are only being careful knowing the country's crime rate.
Even so, parent's should still weigh thing things before making snap decisions and should loosen up, if you think they can manage then why not? parent's should establish a lasting good relation to their children and the children should maintain it, do not expect your children to follow if you're setting a bad example, it doesn't matter how hard you work, if they see you're a gambler and a drinker they'll have even better reasons to pull away, parent's should always talk in a calm and frank voice each time there is a situation and children should always keep in mind that their parent's are working their bones off in an attempt to keep all of them healthy and alive, the relationship between parent and child should always be balanced, although parent's should be in charge they should also consider what their children might think, its not easy to be an old parent knowing your children are still mad at you and in case the child is wrong it would be hard for them to enter adulthood with regrets, prevention has always been better than cure and if parent's are more cheerful and outgoing with their children, they'll have the impression that they have "cool" parent's and they'll never try to break away, of course, there will always be exceptions, so keep it balanced, if anyone tries this and fails i would just like to say it's not my fault, I'm just expressing my opinion. :)

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