Friday, January 22, 2010

the hardest part of dying.

imagine being in the last few moments of your life with the ones you hold dear around you, weeping as you slowly close your eyes, what do you think would come to your mind first? is it never seeing them again, what will happen to you, is there anything you've missed in life, is there anything you wish to apologize for, are you willing to accept God, have you been good in your life, are you worthy of heaven, is the afterlife even real and how will your loved ones move on without you?

people often wait for the last moment before they apologize or say something they should have said while they were still strong and able, is it the fear that the other would be too cold to accept the apology? or is it because they fear not entering paradise because of unresolved matters? then again it could also be because of the offender's doing in other words being the victim.
The feeling when near death is a helpless feeling of losing grip unless you die by a quick accident.

Some things are better resolved early and both parties should know how to be open but if the other is badly hurt then there may be no turning back, some people treat death as a blessing, a way of escaping from life's problems and misery, the love of life is sometimes overshadowed by the heavy tides of gloom that are brought by those who are near to us, it hurts more when you are hurt by someone you love but it's easier to forgive ,in some cases however, it makes it harder to forgive, even impossible, I've experienced my life flashing before my eyes in a motor accident so i know how it feels to be helpless, at that time, I realized, the hardest part of dying is knowing how much you wanted in life but having to say goodbye to the ones you love before getting the chance.


  1. These are good thoughts, Aj, Bravo!

  2. thanks! hopefully i do not get any more near death experiences! tc! :)