Tuesday, January 26, 2010

attending sunday mass.

I am usually upset whenever i see inattentive people attending Sunday mass, about two weeks ago, I saw the priest's assistants talking in the middle of the gospel reading and homily.
They were laughing and jeering so noisily that i could hear them from the back seats of the church,so I decided to ask some of them a few questions, I'll only state the shortest.

"Excuse me, Could you please tell me what the gospel or homily was about?" I was even more upset when the priest's assistant said "I have no idea, I was busy with the church instruments."
I wanted to tell him what a big shame it was for "sacristans" or the "priest's helpers" to be in church all day and not know the gospel, or , take a few moments to listen instead of chatting purposelessly.
I left him when he couldn't answer the last question I left him, but first, I followed up with, "Didn't you at least try to listen?" the way he answered was even more upsetting "I was doing something important." he said with an insulting expression, "Which is more important? you listening to the gospel or you talking to your friends, do not play ignorant, I've seen you and your friends doing the same thing you've been doing since the 6:00a.m mass, you've been talking worthlessly during mass weren't you? in fact i could hear your from the seventeenth pew!"

They couldn't answer so I continued, "If you're bent on not listening then let us listen in peace! all your giggling is defiling the church, have some respect will you?"
All they could do was apologize and I got the results I wanted, I didn't hear them making noise last Sunday, I'm not sure whether they took me seriously or they were silent because I sat closer to the altar that Sunday, one lesson I'd love to leave everyone with a self centered attitude is "the lesson of having consideration.". :)


  1. he he he, that was brave of you Ajchtar. I could imagine you doing exactly that...he he he..with your stern expression. At least at your young age, you've taught them a lesson or two. Bravo!

  2. Oh, my - to be chastised (rightly!) by one so young, it must sting a bit. I hope that they are humbled, and not merely resentful. Well done, Ajchtar. (I am a friend of Jena's, by the way; she recommended your writing quite highly to me.)

  3. (I'm having extremely difficult probs with my browser, this is my third attempt to post, whew!)

    i'm always happy to see you jena, hello holly,:) glad to see you!
    I hope they will continue their silence during mass, i hope i do not disappoint you holly, i have to thank jena or bringing me to the blogosphere!:) thanxs jena! :)

  4. You're welcome, Aj. Keep going and good luck.