Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Blogging for about 2 weeks now.

so far,I am happy to see all the supportive people of this site,It is a great privilege for me to enter the blogosphere through the incentive of such a good writer -Jena Isle, instead of just posting at facebook.com where my friends are very limited, I'm happy to be in a site full of good writers and very supportive ones, I've realized that innovation mainly comes from support if not strife due to heavy criticism,in this case, I'm glad that I was given the great opportunity of entering supportive grounds full of adept writers, I sometimes if not most of the time feel unworthy to be here and hope I do not disappoint anyone,in my earliest days here I felt it would take months if not years before someone felt like commenting on my posts,I am really thankful to be in a peaceful environment of genuine interest and attentive readers, I am happy to even have followers in a time spanning less than two weeks,I started on the 21st of January and am pleased to have met Holly,jan, and doc zorlone as especially my blog mentor-jena.
I hope I do not disappoint anyone any time soon,forgive my shallow mind it needs more deepening or digging.:)


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  2. Hello Aj,

    Wow, what can I say??? You have to passion and the brilliance of a good writer. At this early age, you've already demonstrated excellence. I know you'll definitely go places. I hope when you're up there, you'll still know how to look back. Remember the wise adage that you have mentioned too? "...Remember the people you meet on your way up are the same ones you'll meet on your way down."

    Good luck with your midterm exams.

  3. wow! Jena has every reason to ask her friends to visit you. I liked what I have read here so far.


    keep the passion burning

  4. he he he, Roy, thanks for the visit, yes he is a writer indeed.

  5. hello jena, hello roy! it is always great to see new faces1 my exam week is over, hope i do not disappoint anyone. :)