Thursday, February 4, 2010

"house made" over fastfood.

One thing that is very true about me is that I never eat fast food, I never did like half cooked or not well cooked meat. I do not know what is in french fries that make me upset, for one thing, they have nothing to do with being french. an old story i heard about how potato chips were made involved the chef being frustrated about his complaining customer and invented the chips as a prank. I do not know how much of the story is true.

I love eating "house"made, especially if I'm responsible for butchering the animal! (weeeeeeeeeeee! :D) I love cooking food, but you can never erase the critics from the face of the earth, luckily, the people who criticize my cooking just eat and nod in agreement.

I'm not a good cook, but I think I'm doing well with the food I cook. So far, I haven't displeased anyone badly. Food must be cooked and served with love1 not hurried! It loses it's taste, food is very delicate, unless you're cooking barbecue.

People should at least know how to fry an egg, it is easier than cooking fish and harder than drinking without throat diseases. I wouldn't try sashimi or puffer fish for any amount! money is useless to me when I'm dead! for good info on raw food probs, visit Jena isle's random thoughts ok! it is there!


  1. He he he....sayang blow out sana kita ng French fries in Pampanga...he he he...patatas lang pala....ay bakit ako nagtatagalog, you speak straight English pala, Dinudugo na nga ang ilong ng mga andito eh...ha ha ha.

  2. lol! fast food makes me feel really peculiar! nice offer anyway, I'm glad I'm finished with my examination week, on to freedom!