Monday, February 1, 2010

Let them sleep in church!

It is a wonderful blessing to be alive, to breathe air into the lungs, to see all the beauty of the world, to feel the wind run through your hair and walk on soft ground, every time i feel so good i always think of the unfortunate who lay on the streets without the same feeling I get.
I wish i could put some of my excess joy in a bottle or can and give it to them so they'd feel just how good I do on a nice cool morning.

I am a person that utterly enjoys traveling but every time I do travel, accidents usually find me, I get all sorts of injuries but each time I do, i look up and say, Oh, I'm alive....I'm alive? then I'd yell.......I'm alive!

last year was a year full of mishaps and accidents that I won't soon forget, each time I look back, I never forget to thank the one who pulls the strings of my life for still being here, i used to write so widely of death, I now see that those accidents may have been instruments of the divine puppeteer to send the message, "enough! all your talk about death is making the day gloomy!"

brightening up is never really easy for someone who constantly thinks of the less fortunate so I always give the less fortunate what I can, as long as it isn't cash. Looking at my torn clothes after a bad happening makes me more optimistic whenever I'd tell myself, I can always use these as a reminder to take care next time i go the same way, Life is full of opportunities, lacking in trust, if people trusted beggars more, they'd have work, i feel sorry for the old guy by seven eleven, he's so skinny and malnourished but he carries luggage for passengers coming down the bus for a few coins.

I intentionally eat a lot less than usual whenever i feel like feeling the beggars and their pain, I am thankful that I have not tasted hunger or anything straight out of the garbage can, I see so many kids taking their education for granted and many young girls getting pregnant, my sympathy is for their parents, not them directly, because i know how much a parent works to support the family and how hard it is to earn a living specially in an economy that always seem to be going downhill, If I've ever offended a beggar, I apologize for not straightening the moment.

They have every right to be cranky and hot-tempered, why not? they're the ones with brains getting fried each day on the streets, I sometimes wonder why churches have to be closed, It is for the children of the lord and the street people are the lord's children, thy should be allowed to sleep there, holy grounds or not. When it was said that the children should be let unto Christ, he meant the street people as well, it is not I who would be lacking in understanding when I say "let them sleep in church." but it is the parishioners sensitivity in thinking they would make the place filthy, we were taught to be considerate, so let us be so, OK! :)


  1. Contemplative and introspective. I admire your thoughts, Aj. You're a good person. I'd gladly be called your true friend. It's God's will our paths have crossed. Keep going...

  2. I agree!! :) without you, i wouldn't be here! thnxs! bye the way this is my last log in for the week, tc! :)