Tuesday, February 2, 2010

sweet innocence.

I recall the times when as a child, I thought nothing of taking a good bath in the rain and feeling the cool refreshing feel of water from heaven, or at least I thought the sky was heaven and that supernatural beings slept on clouds like any other young kid would.
I used to openly say, "ma! kaluguran da ka!" (mom, i love you!), now that I am older by at least half a decade I wonder where all those sweet thoughts went.

I am not a good looking person and I openly admit to having a face not even a mother could love! (lol!!....see what I mean by not being meant for stand up comedy? it's the truth! :) ) Sometimes people say their piece when it is far too late or when the one they love is about to meet their maker, its saddening to know how much time we spend with friends rather than our parents, it's not a bad thing to go with friends but that doesn't mean we should shove our parents away like used playthings that do not need attention. I'm not one to dictate on people, I myself have lot of personal animosity with others but with ignorant savages that do not know how to treat other people right.

Each day I think of how much I loved my childhood and why my childhood rapidly changed when my mother's parents left the world of mortals and returned to a peaceful place, (you will see it in my post, scheduled for posting on feb 5.) My mother was different from many parent i see that do not even share good moments with their parents once they have a family of their own, the time she spent with my Apo, (grandmother-mother of my mother.) while my apo was alive must have lessened the possible regret of not doing so while she was alive, during the funeral, she cried, not because of regret but because she would miss all the fun time, I feel envious when I recall my mother's lifelong good relationship to my Apo, I wish we shared the same. That however does not imply that we do not have a good relationship, the only thing that keeps me from seeing her is attending school! (lol!!...:) see, I really need a comedic teacher! lol! :) )

Parents work hard for the family and the only parent that doesn't love his/her family is a fiend, One thing i noticed is that the mother never leaves even if the father can keep his pride strong and go, the mother will never leave the child's side, well, at least that's what shows in the majority of my experiences. I was once taught that women were more emotionally stable than men, when my classmates disagreed with my teacher, she took out a big yellow clear book containing hundreds of articles and photos of men committing suicide.......talk about coming prepared!!

I never hesitate to spit something out when i have to...as I've often pointed out......I hate keeping things in, this trait of mine assures me that I won't die with regret of not saying something, crying is never my alternative neither is trying to escape,facing a problem gets it done!

( if however, my enemy dies without me saying something, I'll attend the funeral but party afterward!!.....lol!....:)......sorry, I was really never meant to crack jokes.)

I'll be posting through automatic settings because of my midterm examinations, so, it wouldn't be possible to reply any time soon ,Tc everyone!! :)


  1. hello Aj,

    He he he...that was good, you made me laugh. A good laugh, when everything is so toxic. I had a pleasant break from work. Keep going and writing for us.

    All the best.

  2. see what I mean by making peoplelaugh by accident? lol!!!!!! :) you brighten my day! :)