Wednesday, February 3, 2010

brother war.

I'm not his brother by blood but I always refer to him as my sibling, each time I walk with my brother, lots of people on the streets would either look at confusedly or turn away in painful regret of having looked at such an awful sight!- us, but that was back then, these days I'm other a heinous experiment gone worse or a hideous person, our elementary teacher once told us that we shouldn't be neighbors (seat mates.), as for bad feedback,we do not often get such comments but it really makes us laugh when we do, one way of taking an insult is laughing at it.I love how my brother is able to make things interesting when he's in the mood, but absolutely dislike it when he looks at things so loathsomely and without empathy,like a rock with eyes, A massive and scary boulder- that's how others would see him, I see differently, i see a disaster waiting to happen when i see my brother,he gives generously but sometimes he's just as cheap as me, if you're as cheap as me, you'd be in jail for tax evasion in no time flat! I recall how both of us always crave sleep and rest even when we've just woken up, it is said to be sloth, but who can blame people who get four hours of sleep max?

between us, I'm the one who's supposed to have a vesuvian temper but when around him, my volcanic wrath seems like a small firecracker, causing a lot of noise but hardly any damage, when brother goes wild, the birds flee with fright, well, not the airborne birds, I meant, the cowardly bystanders.

They say friendship is strengthened by conflicts and misunderstanding being mended, if the paradox "the more you hate, the more you love.' is right, then brother must love me-to death! At this point, nothing a bully can throw at me is capable of intimidating me the slightest bit! when brother has held a sharp nail against your throat, even a professional criminal can't surprise you! By that I mean we've had so many fights I can't recall how many I've won or lost, or how many injuries I've taken, I'm sometimes asked why I even come with him, sometimes they ask him the same thing, if twin minds think alike, we'd be twins, we usually give the same answer, it may seem rude but everyone we say it to ,doesn't really mind the reply ,"it's our business, we do not mind yours and what's it to you?", but in reality, we only gave that answer a few couple of times, luckily, we now say differently, every time I got into trouble with someone else, he'd be there to back me up, imagine two fat people standing up against a band of five or more, after all, he did study the martial art of "psycho!"

I never recalled anybody being able to hurt me with words as much as he does ,or hurt me physically as much, I can't recall anyone who does the same to him, all the times we smacked each other with lethal weapons made me recall how much we enjoyed laughing about it afterward and then we'd have the same question in mind and he usually asks first, "wha....wha? was it we was fightin, bout' again?" we'd laugh after his remark.

we have a different choice of music but we sometimes agree on the same kind, he listens to Bomb shells and I listen to volcanic eruptions, I can't recall a single moment spent with him that I've enjoyed without hating at the same time, or maybe I'm just forgetful, people have different ways of expressing anger and depression, around me, he just keeps silent and keep it in, if not, he'll intentionally get into a fist fight with me for the fun of taking his problems off his mind, when he loses, he enjoys it even more.

looking back at my old ways, i sometimes reflect and ask myself how we lasted like that for so long? my brother goes to the gym and works out, my only work out is carrying things in the farm, I deeply regret going to the city for my high school years, reflecting on all the years i had to stand up on my own made me feel comfort knowing how much I've picked up, looking at it from a different point of view, I can see how clearly psychotic we seemed, my brother may not share my blood but to me he'll always be my brother. "War is my brother and I Am un-Accomplished good deeds man-made tragedies. '

(no! this is not reality!! I am not a demented and sadizztic socio-psycopath, although maybe occasionally, that's not the point! point is - a real friend sticks to you till the last breath. War is usually the result of vanity and misunderstanding as well as pride, wrath and greedy envy, the above text is mixed with figurative speech. :)


  1. Whoa, what was that all about Aj, you mean you really physically hurt each other? Come on , this is the new generation, you can hurt someone by just your facial expression...he he he..anyway, you can't reply to my comment as you're deep in math ....!!! Cheers.

  2. physical or psychological doesn't really matter to us, it hurts!!!!! lol!!!!! :) nice to see how diligent my mentor is! I'm glad you're my mentor!:)